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Tetra Pak AB

Tetra Pak is one of the worlds largest packaging producers for consumer goods. They are an international company with over 25,000 employees, all working with towards the goal of creating as efficient and climate friendly solutions as possible for the food industry. I joined Tetra Pak’s internal digital communications team during my internship to work on a large digital transformation project that was happening throughout the company.
● User Experience Design
● User Interface Design
● Interaction Design
● Motion Design


Me and the team had to find a way to make sure that Tetra Paks tools and software migration went smooth and the end users could get up and running quickly. This included finding ways to make sure that the content we delivered were easy to understand, engaged the users, as well as created a positive outlook of the migration for the users.


To ease the migration process for the employees I created an onboarding package, consisting of how-to videos and tutorials. A large part of the time was dedicated to do user research on the Tetra Pak employees regarding how they wanted/needed the material to be presented in order to quickly get up to pace with the new tools and frameworks. An important aspect was also to create a positive attitude towards the coming change for all the employees through the onboarding package. To accomplish this I combined the onboarding with the winter holiday by creating a tips & tricks calendar for the employees to create a more fun and positive way of sharing how-to information about the new tools with the employees.

I worked together with the Digitial Communication Team and the onboarding package where shared within the company through their intranet.

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