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Growbotics AB

Growbotics is an Invention hub and consulting agency within the fields of AI, Cloud engineering and product development, working with a variety of clients such as Klarna, Antler-startups and Marakanda.

With and end goal and brief to convey Growbotics vision as - “one-of-a-kind” into practice, they needed me to manifest  their vision through the design of a website as well as graphic profile.
● User Experience Design
● User Interface Design
● Interaction Design
● Web Design
● Graphic Profile


Growbotics needed me to design the graphical profile for their startup as well as a design for their website. They needed me to convey a certain image for their startup through visuals, both “in house” and for them to share publicly.


I developed the finalised deliveries through iterations and user-centred design methods, following the “Double Diamond” design process. The concept/graphic profile were showcased at Growbotics.se, their office and offline material.

In the design of the website, I was able to capitalize on Growbotics wish to showcase their core values, which I asked for them to conclude; creative, innovative, loyal and safe. This was attained by my work-process, which included testing and creating several low-fi and high-fi prototypes. Combining unusual and intriguing type of interactions, elements such as; draw to navigate, 3d visualised interface and triggering events by gameplay interactions, this together with a soothing and calming interface design.

Also by adding certain elements to the site, such as the eyes on the illustration following the cursor and the mystical timer on the page I was able to create a sense of playfullness as well as anticipation for the users.

The mockups and wireframes were delivered to the developer at Growbotics for them to implement.

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